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Global Citizen Art Project

Art Project about Globalisation

Information for Exhibitors

There are two ways of exhibiting the Project.

Version I

Podestal - global citizen project

The Global Citizen ART Project as shown here is suitable for large rooms where the visitors can be guided through. The immediate vicinity of the project should be allowed only for people interested in the project itself.

As the figures are made from newsprint and only held upright by the force of small magnets in their feet they are a bit vulnerable. The whole project could easily be protected e.g. with a transparent cover hood.

Technical Details:

The project consists of a wooden podestal with a coated surface. Size: L 385cm W 220cm H 70cm. There are 13 metal plates in the form of continents and islands. The 200 figures are about 30cm tall and can be arranged on the metal plates by means of tiny magnets placed underneath the figures' feet.

Version II


photo by Giulio Coscia

Here all the figures are deliberately arranged inside a glass cube.

The Global Citizen ART Project as shown here is suitable for smaller rooms where the visitors can walk around freely as the figures are well protected by acrylic glass.

Technical Details:

The project consists of a steel construction H120cm on top of which a cube made from acrylic glass (L 50cm) is placed.

This version has been shipped abroad to several exhibtions.

Purchasing Information

The Global Citizen Art Project is to be sold only as a whole. The 200 figures made from authentic newsprint, each representing one nation are particularly suitable for museums, institutes, political organizations or parties, the EU, UN, OSCE or even private persons. Price on request.

Copies of the book on the project can be provided in great numbers. There is also an Art Video about the project available.


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